Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ground Control to Tommy Gear

Still no luck finding Tommy Gear. Leads via Kristian Hoffman of The Mumps and Vaginal Davis have been fruitless.

Jeff McGregor is also off the radar even though his acclaimed solo project The Solipsistics has a minor, though obscure, web presence. I'm trying to make contact through his former Snot Puppies bandmate Kevin Hunter (now with Wire Train and Bella Nova).

On the positive side, I've made contact with a friend of a friend of David Braun, which looks hopeful.


Anonymous said...

Was Tommy's real name "Tommy Gear"?
I know that Gear is a real surname, but was that really his?

Anonymous said...

Tommy Gear supposedly lives in NYC.

I'd suggest trying to contact Brendan Mullen, since he has Gear interviews in "We Got the Neutron Bomb." I'm not sure if all of them are taken from other sources or if he somehow got in touch with Tommy. He could probably get you in touch with David Brown, who later co-founded Dangerhouse Records with Pat Garrett (of the Screamers demos fame) and Black Randy (RIP).

Great site! I was hoping to learn the demos were more lost material. Check out http://www.synthpunk.org/screamers/ for a lot of info on them if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I keep running across mentions of Tommy on Vaginal Davis' blog. Last mention I'm seeing is February 2006. Apparently someplace in California, it seems.
Anyhow, it's the second entry down.
From what I've heard, he doesn't really want to be found.

Maria said...

no, Tommy Gear is not his real name. I'm a relative. I won't reveal what his name is because don't know if he wants to be contacted.